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Happy Friday everyone! We’ve been VERY busy this week at A-F Records wrapping up contests, brainstorming new ones, revamping websites and adding to the online store. It’s been a week!

Here are a couple of things you need to know!

1. Last night, I found out that all of our oldest CDs and vinyls weren’t even posted in the store! Hot dang! We’ve added a new CLEARANCE section for our MUSIC catalog where everything is $5!!! Not only that, but I’m ready to bid a fond farewell to these old CDs and records, so our music clearance items are all BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Just enter the promo code: “AFBOGO” at the checkout screen for the discounts to apply. **Note: Discount applies to music in the clearance section ONLY. Among the clearance items also lie 3 VINYL records (ANTI-FLAG // THE UNSEEN) as well as WHITE WIVESHappeners" CD. Most of the other CDs are EXTREMELY limited, so be sure to take full advantage of our BOGO promo (hey, that’s fun to say!)

2. WHITE WIVES - HAPPENERS LP has been added to the A-F Records store! The LP comes in 3 different covers, as well as 2 different colors (blue or purple). Get ‘em while they’re hot!

3. ANTI-FLAG - THE TERROR STATE & UNDERGROUND NETWORK LPs have ALSO been added to the store! We had just a handful of these leftover from ANTI-FLAG's recent trip on the FAT TOUR. Seriously, there are less than 10 of each! Get one while you can!

4. Just one more quick note that we still have a few CLEARANCE CLOTHING articles left as well — $20 Hoodies, $10 T-Shirts! ANTI-FLAG's “Toast To Freedom" 7-inch is also BACK IN STOCK! 

Whew! That’s a lot to take in, I know! 

In other news, I’ve also been busy revamping the A-F RECORDS TUMBLR SITE! Take a look around! There are now up-to-date pages where you can find TOUR DATES, CONTESTS, A-F RoTWs, F.A.Q section, and more! There are all kinds of new things coming to A-F Records this year, we’re only getting started!

And finally, I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone that participated in our ART CONTEST. The entries were so rad to see! You can see them all now on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

That’s all I have for you guys this week. There’s an AWESOME contest launching next week! Be sure to keep up with the Contests page here, or watch our FB page for details. See you all next week!



Hello friends,

Just wanted to send a few reminders on events happening in the A-F Records camp!

1. Last week, we launched a new A-F RECORD OF THE WEEK series via our Bandcamp page! Last week’s record was INQUISITION's “Revolution, I Think It’s Called Inspiration”. Until tomorrow, when we choose a new record, you can download this one at a NYP (name your price) rate! 

2. A few people have requested a little more time for their submissions into the art contest we’re hosting due to end this Thursday. We currently don’t have too many submissions so your chances of winning are high if you’ve already entered. However, art shouldn’t be rushed, so I’d like to give a few more people a shot at the great prizes up for grabs. The new deadline for the ART CONTEST is now TUESDAY, 1/28/14. For full details on the contest, please refer to the top of our Facebook Page! Good luck!

That’s all for now! Keep on the lookout this week for more news!



Hello again, friends!

Massie here, to give you the low down on the next A-F Records contest starting TODAY, 1/16/14!

We’re going to have a good old fashioned ART CONTEST! Here’s the rundown:

1. Take some time off from busy work lives to sit back and CREATE a work of art inspired by anything A-F Records related. You could sketch a re-imagined logo, photoshop paint Roger Harvey of White Wives, write a song/poem/short story, make a video with A-F Records inspired soundtracks. Use ANY medium you desire. Just be sure to incorporate the label in your work.


2. Go to the A-F Records Facebook page and SUBSCRIBE to the A-F Records Mailing List. With these contests, our goal is to reach as many people as possible to let them know that A-F Records is coming back in a big way this year, so maybe LIKE the Facebook page while you’re there, yeah? We feel like being more involved with the fans of our bands is a key element to becoming a successful label. When everyone’s involved, we help keep these arts alive and well!


3. Finally, once you’ve created your masterpiece and subscribed to the mailing list, send your entry to — Once the contest closes, we will announce winners on Thursday, 1/23/14!

And the part you’re all waiting for… PRIZES!

  • 1ST PLACE GRAND PRIZE — The Family Tree/Side-Project Bundle! — 3 CDs from bands that : Whatever It Takes - A Fistful of Revolution (Chris #2 of Anti-Flag), The Code Alert Aware Involved  (Marc Code of Worlds Scariest Police Chases and Roger Harvey of White Wives), and a SIGNED COPY of Justin Sane Life, Love, & The Pursuit of Justice (Anti-Flag). Alongside the CDs, 1st Place will also receive Justin Sane’s “Demo” cassette tape released in 1999! These tapes are out of print and the only 6 left EVER remain stashed away in the A-F Records archives! Lastly, you will also receive a TEST PRESSING of White Wives Self-Titled 7” vinyl released last November! There are only 10 of these vinyls in EXISTENCE. Holy rarities, Batman!
  • image
  • 2ND PLACE RUNNER-UP — Your art will be featured on A-F Records’ Facebook cover photo for a week (if entry is a video/song, it will be featured and pinned to the top of the A-F Records Facebook page), and stay in the album for all eternity! You will also receive a signed copy of Justin Sane's solo CD “Life, Love, & The Pursuit Of Justice”.
  • All other entries will be placed in the A-F Records Facebook photo and video albums for all to see!

Good luck to all contestants! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Photo Set

Lots of happenings in the A-F Records camp this month!

First off, ANTI-FLAG’S run on the FAT TOUR with Less Than Jake, Masked Intruder and Get Dead was a fantastic trip and we’d like to thank everyone that attended a show, brought treats to the crew, and more importantly helped spread the word in this modern day of social media! Everyone that tweets, facebooks, tumblrs, instagrams — what have you, your help and support in informing new fans, old fans and everyone in between means everything! It’s hard to keep up with having to make some new profile daily, but we’ll get through it all together!

Onward. Let’s talk about some great additions to the A-F RECORDS ONLINE STORE! We have added a bunch of new items from the Fat Tour including new Anti-Flag t-shirts, scarves, banners, even HOCKEY PUCKS! Get your hands on these items quick! The holidays see us having a surge of orders and we’re working as quick as possible to fill all of them!

Next, for those of you with subscriptions to ANTI-FLAG’S 20 Years Of Hell series, you’ll be pleased to know that Volume III has been pressed and is being rapidly pieced together to ship THIS WEEK (Stowe is so very stoked). Volume III features re-imagined versions of “Wake Up!" from The Terror State and “Mumia’s Song" off of Mobilize! Not only that, but our featured b-side band for Volume III is WORSHIP THIS! Subscribers should also note that we released Anti-Flag Archives Vol. 2: The Demos — available only to you, and to download digitally via the subscription website!

Lastly, a few points to leave you all with as we get back to wrapping your presents, and stuffing your stockings!

  • The ANTI-FLAG subscription series is ON SALE for those who have yet to subscribe! — Subscriptions include: 6 7” vinyls of re-imagined Anti-Flag songs, access to exclusive web content, exclusive merch, giveaways and much more!
  • Until Jan. 31st enter the code: FATTOUR to receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase in the A-F Records online store!
  • We have almost gone through the entire FIRST PRESSING of Worlds Scariest Police Chases' “NOFX… And Out Come The Wolves Dookie" get your’s while you can and own a piece of punk rock history! These first pressings contain exclusive police ticket book liner notes that WILL NOT be in future pressings!
  • Hear what Stowe and Massie are jamming in the office with Stowe’s new Spotify Playlist featuring A-F Bands and friends!

That’s it!!! We’re busy making lists and checking them twice. Enjoy your holidays! You’ll be hearing from us again very soon! In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, check out this complete set of an old Whatever It Takes gig that surfaced a few months ago!