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We are excited to announce that we have signed THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR (Derek Zanetti)!!!

Derek is starting a tour TODAY in Fort Wayne, IN with Grey Gordan! Check out our BANDS page at to learn about Derek and check out his TOUR DATES while you’re there! Welcome aboard, Derek! @thgchoir #THGC

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NEW ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT: The time draws near! Here’s one more of these little teasers. Just for fun. Announcement is happening very soon!

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This Friday (4/11) and next Friday (4/18), if you’ll be in attendance of the Coachella Festival, be sure to catch ANTI-FLAG at the GOBI Stage at Midnight both nights! Set times, stages, and maps have all been released on the Coachella website as well!

Be sure to follow the A-F RECORDS Instagram, as well as ANTI-FLAG's Twitter account for updates during the festival. See you there!


NEW ARTIST announcement is tomorrow! I promise we won’t announce at 3am.

If you get that, you’re ok. 👌

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Our friends at PureVolume have the exclusive stream on the new ANTILLECTUAL video, “Pink Print" from their record Perspectives & Objectives! Check it out. 

North American and Australian fans can score their record HERE! Click the link to also find out how to get it if you’re from another country.

Antillectual - Pink Print


Who’s that new artist?! Find out this Thursday!

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Photo Set

Add sweet A-F Records one-touch bookmarks to your mobile device home screens using these quick easy steps for iPhone and Android devices! Simply visit A-FRECORDS.COM on your mobile device and follow the steps highlighted in the photos!

The 1st photo shots came from an iPhone 5.

The 2nd photo shots came from a Galaxy S4 device. The drop-down menu can be access by clicking the phone’s Menu button located on the lower left corner of the device!

Adding these bookmarks will instantly gain you access to all aspects of our websites, artists, and online store!


Coming This Thursday.

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You mean A-F Records will feature me for all this shit I’ve bought?

Yes. Yes we will. 

We’ll feature YOUR posts too! All you have to do is tag your A-F related posts with “#AFRECORDS” so we can find you. Thank you for your support giganticyoshi! You rule.

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Have you ordered your subscription to ANTI-FLAG’s “20 Years Of Hell” 7” series?? There are still some available in our online store!

Check out STORE.ANTI-FLAG.COM to get yours today!

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