We here in the A-F Records camp recently released a digital version of the long lost “This Is East Coast Punk” cassette comp (originally released in 1998) as part of the exclusive bonus content that the “20 Years of Hell” 7-inch series subscribers receive.  Justin had this to say about the cassette:

"In an age of downloads and mp3’s it’s hard to believe that A-F Record’s very first release was on a cassette tape.  That was well over a decade ago and to this day that collection of songs still rings with power and fury.  What strikes me most about this compilation is how much the bands on it influenced Anti-Flag’s sound and message.  Looking back 20 years, I can see that The Unseen, Reagan Squad and a band that Anti-Flag covers on this cassette, The Bad Genes, have their finger prints all over 20 years of Anti-Flag. I credit The Bad Genes as the most influential band to Anti-Flag - musically and ideologically. They guided us and helped us along like big brothers.  They taught us to be a band, and more importantly, the ethos of punk that continues to guide us today. It was their example and hand up that resulted in us reaching out to bands who lacked experience but like us, were over flowing in drive and passion to be bands. The Unseen, Reagan Squad, and Jerry and the Final Thoughts all fit that criterion. I only saw Jerry and the Final Thoughts once, but they were very talented musicians and a great fit for this comp. On the other hand, if The Unseen and Reagan Squad weren’t on a bill that Anti-Flag was playing something felt wrong. In their prime both of these bands were as exciting as it gets.  We were three bands cut from the same cloth… raw, savage, full of fight, and we didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought about us! We just wanted to do our thing - and we did. This cassette is a damn good example of that spirit and explains why A-F Records came to be.  Releasing music by and with others who share a passion to create, be heard, and make the world a better place is what A-F Records was founded on and continues to drive us to this very day. "STAND OUT! And don’t give up!"
Love-Peace-Unity, Justin Sane, Anti-Flag”
This comp is just the tip of the iceberg of exclusive bonus content that the 20 Years Of Hell 7-inch subscribers will receive with their subscription. We’ve got over a HUNDRED songs, videos, and other rare Anti-Flag goodies (including lots of unreleased stuff from the archives) coming your way so, if you still haven’t gotten your subscription, pick one up while there’s still a few left:
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