A-F Records has launched the pre-order for Antillectual’s forthcoming full length “Perspectives & Objectives” today.  The new record will be available in LP form (including digital download code) via our online store on September 3rd and also digitally (itunes, spotify, etc.) in North America and Australia on September 17th.  

Vinyl Pressing Details:

  • ·         Pressed on high quality 180 gram color vinyl
  • ·         Gatefold Jacket
  • ·         Import

·         The 1st A-F Records pressing is limited to 13 Black/Silver swirl and 45 White color vinyl.

Get yours here:  

1.       LP - http://store.anti-flag.com/index.php/a-f-records-1/antillectual/antillectual-p-o-lp.html

2.       LP / T-Shirt Combo - http://store.anti-flag.com/index.php/a-f-records-1/antillectual/antillectual-p-o-lp-tshirt-bundle.html

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