We’re stoked to be unveiling Anti-Flag’s 7” vinyl “20 Years of Hell” subscription series today! We are so proud to put out such a special and unique release that combines our love for vinyl, the chance for us to impart some amazing new bands, and a new web based platform for us to share and communicate with the music community.  These special one of a kind records will have screened Di-Cut covers, be hand numbered, and limited to 500.


We’ve released a video detailing how the “20 Years Of Hell” subscription works and what all it entails.  you can view the video HERE 



  • Six 7 inch vinyl records (including digital download) that feature Anti-Flag Re-envisioning and re-recording songs from all 20 years of the band’s career.  The B side of each record will feature 2 new songs from 6 new bands, one band per volume.
  • A limited edition 20 Years of Hell subscription t-shirt
  • An exclusive button pack
  • Access to an exclusive web community
  • Access to online video chats with the band
  • Access to exclusive live acoustic performances
  • Giveaways including Anti-Flag gear, test presses, and other rare A-F stuff
  • MORE SECRET STUFF to be announced as the series progresses throughout the year



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